Industrial ice-cream, informations about the world of ice cream industry

Quality ingredients for ice cream industry

Galileo is a ideal partner for the sweet business of ice-cream.

Il consumo di gelato è in costante crescita e anche richiesta di qualità delle materie prime utilizzate nella produzione da parte dei clienti finali.

Industrial ice-cream and artisan Gelato

The market for industrial ice cream is strongly influenced by the market of Gelato and its quality is constantly growing.

One difference that distinguishes the artisan Gelato from the industrial ice-cream is the way in which air is incorporated into the mixture.

In Gelato, the air is incorporated during the freezing phase by natural means.Industrial ice cream the air is blown in large quantities in the mixture by means of a pump.

The parameters of milk based ice-cream

The parameters that we find in an industrial ice cream milk based are higher than those of artisan Gelato. This is because we need more solids for an overrun beyond 100%.

Parameters of fruit based ice-cream

The parameters that we find in a fruit based industrial ice-cream vary depending on which produces a sorbet or a fruit ice-cream containing milk.This is because we need more solids to increase the overrun at least up to 60%.

Types of industrial ice-cream

The industrial market is divided into several categories:

  • Supermarkets line

    The market need for premium products and the demand for quality products is increasing.
  • Bar and Restaurant line (Horeca)

    A good ice cream inspired by the traditional market.
  • Mono-portions

    Another innovation for our customers: quality products to be served directly on the table!
  • Ice cream on sticks, cones. (Impulse)

    Called “impulse” products: easy to find and consume at any place.